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Hello everyone I'm Jordan. I started my crypto journey in 2015, back when bitcoin was $240.00. I was in the Navy at the time and I was really interested in cryptocurrency, but I didn't even know what a blockchain was. I followed the market pretty much all of 2014, so I was confident in my decision to purchase some.

I went to a crypto merchent and bought 5 BTC and the market didn't increase much over that year. I honestly started to believe crypto was a fad at this point. I even forgot my password to the exchange where I was holding my assets on and 2 years later, boom!!!

BTC is worth $2,000.00!

Now I have to go through the painful task of looking through 2 year old emails, and documents on my pc, trying to find my password. I eventually was able to get access to my crypto and I turned a $1000 investment into 10k. Now I'm feeling like the man, lol... I sold all of my BTC and 6 months later Bitcoin is worth 17k. Imagine my face when I saw that and realized my 10k could have been almost 100k.
So naturally, after that I did what every new trader does... I bought more, 2k worth this time and the market crashed. I think it went back down to around 10k. I got discouraged, sold my assets and turned my back on trading. I wasn't just discouraged, I was ashamed. I talked about crypto all the time to anyone that would listen before the market crashed and after, I didn't want to hear about it.
Fortunately for me, my military service ensured that I traveled and I met a successful trader. I told him my story and I asked for his help. He said, "You think crypto is about money? It's a new network that disrupts how we interact with the world around us. It is technology that is laying the groundwork for the future."
When I saw it from that perspective, my thoughts about it shifted. I started to ask questions about the coin's usefulness, the company's mission, what problems do they intend to solve and so on.
Since then I've taken that perspective and insight to create a simple and easy to follow roadmap for traders; designed to take a person from novice to pro. The crypto market is in the best part of its cycle. It's bleeding and every smart trader knows to buy when others are selling and to sell when others are buying. But the question is how?
How do I find coins worth investing in? How can I make a lot of money? How do I trade like a pro and do this full time? I can't guarantee anyones success but if you follow my steps I guarantee you'll have:
Crypto trading mastery
Research and analytics mastery
Undenyable confidence in your investments
Ultimate strategy mastery
Increased crypto trading profit
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